Stacy Abrams

Stacy Abrams was one of our first guest speakers this year at Agnes Scott, where she gave insight to her campaign, voter rights advocacy, and stances on leadership. Abrams’ views on leadership come from an action-based approach. As she depicted her journey through losing the race for governor, she says to “prepare to win and embrace the fail.” She emphasizes how many times individuals stop to think about what they would have done if they got the position. The job should not keep us from serving as leaders. If you want to step forward, don’t stop yourself and take action. As Abrams said, “it looks like leading if I am leading.” Many other views she is passionate about include harnessing our emotions, engaging with all communities, and stop dismissing young people. When we see actions from leaders that we find appalling, we must turn those feelings of anger, fear, and sadness into action. Going back to her campaign journey, she stresses how applying yourself to work and listen to others show your dedication to lead for all. Young adults are essential to this progression, so we must engage with them more. Stacy Abrams continuously hires young people because they are apart of a promising future. During the Q&A section of her speech, she was asked what characteristics she would attribute to a good leader. The four traits she mentioned are honesty, ownership, be intellectually curious, and lastly be authentic. She claims, “it’s not about the thing [you] want it’s about why [you] want it.” Which truly embodies her practices and views on leadership. 

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